Welcome to the 2009 archive of the colts that were sold.  They are here for your viewing so you see what kind of colts these mares have had in the past years.  You will also see their pedigree for the past 4 years along with various information. 

You can also go to allbreedpedigree.com to continue research and look at past pedigrees. 

Yearlings that were for sale


Bay Roan Stud by VA to be Korky

Dun Stud by Lady Tuffcola

Bay Roan Stud by Quincys Ashwood Sue

Palomino Stud by Poco Quincy Sue

Gray Stud by Star Pond Dakota

Gray Stud by Wham Bam Last

Filly by Blue Sky McKeag


Buckskin Filly by Little Bonnie Tes


Colts by Smokin Peppys Bullet


Dun Stud by Comets Quincy

Dun Filly by Tru Dudes Jewel


Colts by Asi Picante


Sorrel Filly by Boz Blue Silver

Sorrel Stud by Eagles Smokin Peppy

Gray Filly by Quincy Dans Comet

Red Dun Filly by RRR Tuffadial

Cremello Filly by Run Out Poco Pep

Sorrel Stud by Smokin Peppys Comet

Sorrel Stud by Smokin Sager Six

Gray Stud by Windchester Bonanza


Colts by Docs Wild Comet


Dun Filly by Cutie Cool Sunsation

Gray Filly by Docs Twisty Whizz

Gray Filly by Elegant Smokem Doc

Gray Filly by Ms Hot Smokin Chex

Gray Filly by Murphys Lady Jane

Sorrel Filly by Poco Moon Shine

Gray Stud by Shes My Ranch Doc

Dun Filly by Sonny Blaze He Bars

Bay Roan Filly by Tawny Top

Gray Study by Wham Bams Last


Colts by Mr Cadillac Cash


Bay Roan Stud by Blackburn Kurtie Reh

Dun Filly by Blazette Clone

Sorrel Filly by Blazette Sonsation

Dun Stud by Docs Annie Lee

Dun Filly by Docs Lil Wildfire

Dun Filly by Ebony San Lena

Dun Filly by Gist Bar Queen

Dun Filly by Jack Jet Chic Dlux

Dun Filly by Run Out Pep

Dun Filly by Star Frosty Wald

Dun Stud by Sunsations Comet

Bay Filly by Ms Peppy Doc Dlux