AQHA Foundation Quarter Horses - Comet Ranch
We have been raising Foundation Quarter Horses for over 20 years. I am a founding member of the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association. All of our stallions and many of our mares are double registered.  Our colts are bred with a great disposition, color and conformation. We have four sires and many bloodlines to choose from. Take a look at our AQHA Foundation Quarter Horse page for additional information on our colts for sale, sires, mares and bloodlines. AQHA & NFQHA Members & Breeders.
ABCA Registered Border Collies for sale.
 We are breeders ABCA registered Border Collies. We have been breeding exceptional working stock dogs for over 20 years now. We have kept the same bloodlines and have had great success breeding dogs with great minds, who are beautiful along with being extremely trainable.
AKC Registered Pugs for Sale.
We are breeders of AKC registered Pugs. We have been raising pugs in our home for 7 years now, specializing in fawn and silver colored pugs with good bone, flat faces, beautiful coats, and sweet temperaments. Pugs are incredibly funny and endearing. Your home will never be empty with a pug in it. Kids welcome!
North Dakota Upland Game Hunts
We offer North Dakota upland game hunts in the fall. This is beautiful country on the high buttes overlooking the Missouri River bottoms and offers excellent pheasant, grouse and upland game bird hunting.
Ring-necked pheasants abound on 1,200 acres of privately owned acreage and 10,000 acres of corn and sunflowers, in which we have hunting access. You can choose either guided hunts or unguided hunts. We have lodging accommodations on the ranch, or you can choose to stay at other nearby locations.